Leftenan Muda Maritim Gred XA13 Siri 8/2015

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Leftenan Muda Maritim Gred XA13 Siri 8/2015

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:16 pm

Hi all forumers,

First of all, let me introduce myself as MR.David. I started this discussion to discuss anything about APMM.

First topic is created for those who got their job offer as a Leftenan Muda Maritim Gred XA13. Congrats for those who got this offer include myself.

I have received a pos express letter containing lots of forms and infos for those who is reporting themselves on 8th of August 2015.

Content of the letter from APMM includes the following:
1. Panduan dokumentasi semasa melapor diri siri 8-2015
2. surat tawaran apmm
3. surat tawaran spa
4. senarai semakan dokumentasi yg perlu diserahkan calon
5. and etc.. (borang2)

Here's the problems that i need to rectify
1. for those from other states, are we allow to drive our own car and any safe and free parking available in amsas, gebeng, kuantan( though its not recommended mentioned in the Panduan booklet)? anyone who has experience this pls share with us your opinion

2. Handphones are not allowed during the whole training period, can i just keep a handphone( basic phone for emergency call only) in my locker.

3. are we allowed to go out on weekends?

Anyone can share your opinions, anyway we discuss and learn together, no question is stupid question, we are new here and we are here to learn.

Thanks and cheers Cool


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